How to use Whatsapp without any Number

How to use Whatsapp without any Number

Whatsapp is the arena’s most used messaging app with tens of millions of customers. It’s unique functions and clean to use make it the primary messaging and calling app but in terms of privacy, it has the biggest drawback that without sharing your touch range you could’t speak to any stranger. you may say it, it’s area of expertise or downside however can consider if you can use your Whatsapp with out getting into your numbers and then you definately communicate to anyone with out sharing your cellular range even with strangers. permit’s get started, how to use Whatsapp without any range.

Yeah! it’s authentic and works very well and we make it viable. in case you don’t trust attempt it your self.

Whatsapp without any number

  • Firstly completely remove Whatsapp from your phone.
  • Then, set your phone to airplane mode and the download and install Whatsapp. Of course, you should be on wifi but if your don’t have wifi the down the Whatsapp APK file manually and install it.
  • Now follow the on-screen instruction and fill any phone number. Don’t worry it will not able to send the message because your phone will be airplane mode.
  • Then, once it will not able to send the message, it will ask you to select an alternative method select check through SMS.
  • Enter your email address and tap on submit button, then immediately tap the cancel button.
  • Now if you are an android user then you need to install Spoof Text Message and for iPhone users, there is an app named as Fake a Message.
  • After completing the above process, go to outbox and copy the message and send it to your spoofed number.
    Use these details in order to complete this false verification process

To: +447900347295
From: (Country Code) (Mobile Number)
Message: Your Email ID

  • Now these detail will be sent to that fake number, that’s it.

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