How To Remove Shortcut Virus From PC/Pendrive

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From PC/Pendrive
Todays As per as we have a tendency to use our pen-drives and alternative Winchester drive in our
Pc/Laptops.We face some shortcuts that hurt our files. that the queries arises That from wherever that shortcuts Comes? And finally the most question that we have a tendency to dont apprehend that a way to take away route Virus From Pendrives or laptop.
What Is Short CUT Virus ?
A Short CUT virus may be a virus (a malware) that hides your original files within shortcuts.The means it hides the file remains unknown tho’ the impact is sort of visible. the first files area unit there within the drive itself, however in such a footing that you just can’t acknowledge it nor take it out. Shortcut Virus typically delete your vital knowledge.
Initially, it doesn’t harms your files however anon, it’s going to build them corrupt or maybe delete all the files; depends on the kind of cutoff virus.

#Remove Short CUT Virus From PC / Pendrive Using  Command Prompt / CMD.
1.   Go to Start Type ‘Run’ > Type ‘CMD’> Open Command Prompt in Administrative Mode.
2.   Black Color of window is open in front of you.

3.   Type in Command Prompt :  attrib -h -r -s /s /d <Your USB drive letter>:\*.* (See <Your Pendrive drive letter> from Mycomputer and then type it For ex, if your drive letter is “E” then the command is like: ” attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.* “)

To know about this command Type ” attrib /? ” In CMD can know more about it.
Lets Take An Example :  If My Pendrive has a Letter of “D” then i have to use USB Drive Letter “D”.
By this Method you Remove Short CUTS from your PC/Pendrive

#Problem Facing- Remove Short CUT Virus Using CMD / Command Prompt


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