Google Hacking Tricks

Google Hacking Tricks

good enough today i can display google hack demostration you’v never visible
you may in no way discover these fucking google hack codes on net.
simply watch and learn what i have located!!!

adequate it’s time to show the secrets.

and this is the satisfactory google hack codes.

i can make and integrate any text and make google dorks from javascript,
from fucking html,css jquery,mootools and so forth absolutely speedy and locate
anything on this fucking lol g**gle !!!

i will bet what’s going to see no longer apprehend what the fucking hell i am doing.

just sit down,drink a few coffee and watch.

that is only a demonstration.

ok first i will display a way to locate any hacker boards,web page it doesn’t rely!
I mean profesional hackers!

simply study it all due to the fact in case you are not doing you will not understand those
codes and how do they paintings!


inurl:”view.asp?page=” intext:”plymouth”

good enough what this code does ?
So that is the college faculties you may hack with this dork college schools.

inurl:”shoutbox.personal home page” intext:”script”

with this code you can hack shoutbox or to locate scripts

inurl:”index.Hypertext Preprocessor?act=” rapidleech

This code will discover rapidleecher websites in no time.

inurl:”index.Hypertext Preprocessor?act=idx”

This code will discover ipb boards speedy to hack

inurl:”Photoshop.aspx” “tutorials”

This code will locate photoshop tutorials

inurl: http://ftp://ftp web

This code will discover any ftp servers and root any blanketed web sites.


This code will discover any unfastened website hosting

powered through vbulletin video games 3.eight.4 inurl:member.php?u=1

This code will find any vbulletin game boards and admin page.

powered by vbulletin 4.0.3 Debug statistics

This code will show all vbulletin forums php codes and facts
and their insects you root into it.

powered by means of vbulletin “warez”

This code will discover any warez forum.

video to mp3 converter on-line intext:”mp3″-intext:”excessive best”

With this code you could download mp3 from youtube in no time.

intext:”caution: mysql_fetch_array()”

With this code you may discover any vulnarable sites and hack them.

inurl:radioandtv.personal home page

This code will display all torrents hidden radios stations.

inurl:”posting.Hypertext Preprocessor?mode=s milies” “phpbb”

With this code you may be able to hack phpbb forums and placed xss inner forum.

allinurl:gear/spider-view.Hypertext Preprocessor

With this code you can to locate websites hyperlinks very quikcly.

embed src=”.mp3″ kind=audio/mpeg

Html injection code to discover mystery sites with html mp3 embed code
you’ll see it even on google.

“powered through vbulletin” + “account dumps”

With this code you will be able find passwords
for any web sites,forums no longer for porn.

allinurl:”guestbook/smileys.Hypertext Preprocessor”
inurl:”smileys.personal home page” + “speaking”

speaking smilies.

“intitle:index of” admin/FCKeditor/_samples/html

With this code you will be able to discover fck server html
editors and hack them.

owl city fireflies + “instrumental”

With this code you may be capable any mp3 instrumental and change this
owl town fireflies

HTTP/1.1 :: Mozilla/ (windows; U; home windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.nine.2.3)

with this code you may be able to hack websites access
logs and spot all statistics.

“sq. google scanner” + “Hypertext Preprocessor”

Google square injection online hack inclined websites,forums
and find vulnerables web sites very easy.

web *

this may locate any youtube or any website online emails.


this may locate right away html chart codes.

personal torrent + “open sign on”

this may find any personal torrent open to check inmediafire).rar 2010 horror dvdrip

this could locate any secret web sites with dvdrip films just alternate horror.

dvdrip 400mb “2010”

this may locate ripped dvdrip films in 400mb and lastest.

sq. injection dork financial institution

this could discover financial institution dorks for hacking google.

inurl:archive/index.php “visual basic”

this will locate secret boards directory where you will see all facts.


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